Then Danced A Shadow

January 29, 2015

Trimmed these sails
To light in your port
Then danced away

Fear, just me
Same as ever so
Twixt these twin shadows

I am not torn
Yet have these relics been only
One a wound as will not close

Twins adored
Riddled to shreds
My heart and my mind

I’ve walked me to a spiral
That loops returnt to itself
Of touches unendured

O lust that betrays me
Let me distill this dream
For I touched not thy tresses

That last time so fair
Though twas cold bitter cold
For fear or was it fear?

For some thing I dared not again
O why did I pull loose
This anchor when not half set?

Open these arms this time an’ I return
Two shadows
My sails have harbor’d

Between thy ports
Mooring in but the one
Though the other left fair trade

O let me be, cursed dreaming
Let my breath be my own
Or let down thy slip

Let me mind this fair haven
The dark one that has haunted me so
Think this paradox?

No but painful
To dream to lift this fair veil
Of the white

Of the fountain
Of the longest long lingering
Let me come here

Or throw me to the stars
And let me ne’er hear again
Nor see with these eyes

These browning lands ever.


January 25, 2015

O, what is this?
O, what have you done?
O, what you have done

Like the fellow who hung
There just beside you
Lived his whole life
Perishing, perishing

Who, in a moment
Heard your Spirit
His foot in a grave
And you snatched him from it
Alive, alive

We want this paradise
Like you promised him
Didn’t thank you
For making him good
You made him live

He cried to you
like the poor wretch there
There by the priest
He knew only you
Dead and Risen

You died and rose
You are the root
You are our fount
The one who died
The one who rose

Raise our cups
In Christ, you
For you alone
Are our redemption
And our perfection
Your glory

He Shall Send From Heaven

January 23, 2015

Fear of Man besets me on all sides
I am guilty of flight
I have not found trust
and rest for my soul

Be merciful, be merciful to me
I have not weathered the storm
I have run from it
Fear swallowed me up

Be exalted over all the earth
Over my terror
My peril
Blind me with Your glory

That I might know what I see
Is not my trap
But that of those who would trap me
You are mercy and truth

And You reach into me
Make my heart steadfast
So I may sing and give praise
That I may bring glory to Your feet


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