July 20, 2016


Chasing her ghost
to the ends of the earth
he trailed a whisper

Kissing her voice
he was a strange Bono
singing his own choir’s echo

Pursuing the mist
until there was at last
an end to his pacing

For he saw his past
a trek too harsh, too lone
hiding from the same
voice he sought so long

But there is more
that I must write to you
He sold his fields
I lifted my glass to you

I was not him
he saw and took new dreams
I am too grim
keeping these paper screams.

Guide Me

July 19, 2016


Guide me
For my eyes cannot see

Heal me
For my soul cannot hold me

For I am a long way
From home

In your arms
In your eyes

I have found
My way

The Endmost End

July 18, 2016

_MG_6675 (1).JPG

for to find your face
amidst the people of this place
though I feel you are not here

should I miss you
we shall not again
be together till the endmost end

yet your face is too easy to see
on every face that passes near me
and I hunger for the chance to run
into your arms of golden sun
to have again the warmth of us
no more to cast about in the dust

that we will be free
with you in my world beside me
together, us, till the endmost end


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