Bring Me Back

April 7, 2017

I didn’t mean for it to get so cold
Must be the air-conditioning in my soul
I turned it down too low
And now the thermostat’s broken, so
Can you hear me now
I turned off the water

Reason me back into reasoning
Help this dust settle
That my vision might clear

The dreams seem to have returned
Maybe for a little while
My heartbeat might revive
Some sort of fog rolled over
Might have lifted for a while

Breathe my breath back into me
Help this smoke disperse
That my vision might clear

I’m lifting my feet
But there’s mud stuck on them
Maybe it might wear off
Hold my hand
I can’t feel anything



April 5, 2017

Breathe you


O, sudden, slow mist
A taste of something
like feathers

Feel you, just you
I lost me
Not like you


But what you feel like
just for a moment
Silk lingering


A ribbon in the water
Wingtips broad, circling glide

O, whispers
O, under the wind
Under the kind sun
of a cool morning

O, linger


The raindrops do not stop
When they fall
upon your brow

But trickle, little tracks
upon your surface

Breathe you

This is fair
Scents of something water
Soft, seamless,


This river,
These falls,
I lost me

Fear of Man besets me on all sides
I am guilty of flight
I have not found trust
and rest for my soul

Be merciful, be merciful to me
I have not weathered the storm
I have run from it
Fear swallowed me up

Be exalted over all the earth
Over my terror
My peril
Blind me with Your glory

That I might know what I see
Is not my trap
But that of those who would trap me
You are mercy and truth

And You reach into me
Make my heart steadfast
So I may sing and give praise
That I may bring glory to Your feet