Forgetting How To See

March 29, 2017


In the dimming light
I stumbled more than once
it was like forgetting
how to see
there in the deep oaks

But the scent
of my wandering
was overwhelmed
as I slowly went blind
I touched the twilight

The loam and leaves
they spiraled around me
in a mist of fragrance
and I was led further
into the deep oaks

They brought the fresh tang
of water and stone
of mushrooms and
perhaps faeries
or something alive

That thinks and breathes
I felt it pass me by
more than once
a fleeting flicker
of roses or moss

It tasted, almost
like enchantment and bones
of something older than old
and as the moon rose
and all turned to silver

I stumbled again
lost in that hall
of secrets and incense
a silent passage
into dreaming

But I was awake.


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