June 18, 2016

An’ I must go
For you have left
An empty hole
Where once
my soul was still

And I alone
Am all I see
Singly, simply
nothing but
a hand among the reeds

as the sun shines through
reflecting upon
the waters
and sparkling

with cold light
and little stars
of motes traveling
to and fro
alone never touching

turn your eyes
turn them here
to this, my sentinel
standing sober
alone on the walls

watching the sea
soulless without you
that you will turn


A Likely Nightmare

June 14, 2016


A likely nightmare
waking alone
your silhouette
on the horizon

did you depart
in these echoes
of water and stone

or did your wind
scatter you away
bear you aloft

look at your distance
see your vanishing
you become a fading shadow
at sun rising

you linger
tracks still following
a straight line
in the long sand.


O in your halls
I must fall slowly
With reverence
Upon my face
To bare my breast
For your holy sword

Pierce me
Render to death this flesh
Give breath to my crumbled chest
That I might return
Tomorrow to thee
To thy chastening and mercy

Let me find my hope
In your glorious halls
Where I must die
As you before me
Let me bear the hem
Of your purple robe

Cause this crumbled heart
To beat once more
Lift my countenance
That yours may shine upon
I have not strength
Have mercy on me a sinner

Cleanse this crumbled heart
Cause your seed to root within
Water it with your words
Tune my song to yours
That I might sing your glory
And revel in your story

Originally published
2 years ago (August 27, 2013)
6 years ago (June 9, 2010)