In The Bitter Wind

April 22, 2016

beaver_dam_in_a_cold_winter_dayKiss no more
In the bitter wind
The biting wind
Of winter’s deep

Beats mountains down
And hardens the soul
With sparkling halls
And its frozen cloak

No shadows lurk
Within this dream
Awaiting summer
And the healing pools

Of tears and wishes
That fuel our hearts
Rejoining loves sundered
By the icy shards

Embrace my love
In the blessed peace
When the ice has fallen
To water pure

And all is warm
Under the sun
Steal a tiny breath
Between the vicious storms

When comes the day
At the winter’s edge
And the moon rises high
In balmy nights

The gods will wake
And unveil the stars
Quell the biting wind
Warm our icy hearts

This was inspired by a Loreena McKennitt song a few years ago.

To the tune of Cé Hé Mise Le Ulaingt? / The Two Trees from The Mask And Mirror.


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