The Artist Who Speaks

December 5, 2015

These works deepen,
the beauty deepens to beauty,
the first audience seeks the second
and the final
God Himself
spoke and then
saw it was good
created His own audience
that He might revel
in the revelry in
response to His
own art

These things are ephemeral
that drive us to roar
in our place
before His sustainment
yet long for the day
when the final concert
the final gallery
is open for eternity
no longer annual
but eternal
in the Garden

It all remains,
spans the scope
of time and space,
begotten in His begetting
before everything
yet in a sort
of event horizon
came to a point
a shout, a roar
of finality
that seems like an ending
in the text
that opens up everything
into motion and view

As His son,
His Very Revelation
of Himself
with Himself
made our gallery
our beautiful gallery
and us within it
crying out at our wondrous frame
and our wondrous foil
our perilous fall
our precious restoration
to recall again our fearful making
that which we are
because of
and in
Him who is the most glorious
never made
ever being
for our pleasure
that is His pleasure.


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