Of Lust and Lethargy

December 3, 2015

This place, it is dark and soiled.
Its uncured leather bands,
Tied to bind my hands
Grind onto me the miasma,
The sweat of clouded minds
And it burdens all my toil.

I hate them
They hurt me
They lead me astray
There is no dawn
My Hope seems far away
I’ve been fenced from the table

I find me the fool
I cannot labor for I guard
My fallow fields under a foul star
Of lust and lethargy
Alone surrounded and
Covering my ears from the cruel

The hope I’d found
I found so sweet
It disappeared
With the horizon
That life I feared
Came back as the hope faded

The cruel words, the thrusts
The putrescence that surges to me
Pulls out my tongue, Drags at me,
And forces me to wag
A bitter stream of cursed nightmares
Things I left, I left back there

Originally published on: Mar 12, 2012


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