Walking With Royalty

December 1, 2015

Have you seen the black mountains
crown of this dead world
sharp like teeth
the iron crown
the obsidian crown
that let fly tokens and sigils
black gemstones and crystal blankets
in the sand beneath the throne
at the end of a ribbon road to nowhere

Have you inhaled the burning brass skies
the naked waifs, smoke trees
twisting your vision into waves and shimmers
traced with creosote dolls
and saguaro knights
all silent, reverent, deathly pale
under their cowls of dust
that they offer solemnly to you

Walk you through these things
look o’er them gravely
stand you below their ponderous cracking and whispering
they’ll hew your life soon as look at you
these devils of the sun
huge coals and tiny plumes
of deceiving shade and precious blood
wait on them to walk with you in the night

Look there, you’ll see me
walking with royalty
‘neath the faint feather brush stroke clouds
amid the sentinel spikes of long crumbled trees
upon the drifts and dunes, the skeletons of hopes and ghosts
alive where fading is a fearful master
sleeping where God has tamped the earth
my pillows the stones
my coverlet lisping phrases of winds
minding me that I, you, we
sleep in the palms of royalty


One Response to “Walking With Royalty”

  1. Rob Hickok Says:

    Originally published 07 October 2013

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