January 25, 2015

O, what is this?
O, what have you done?
O, what you have done

Like the fellow who hung
There just beside you
Lived his whole life
Perishing, perishing

Who, in a moment
Heard your Spirit
His foot in a grave
And you snatched him from it
Alive, alive

We want this paradise
Like you promised him
Didn’t thank you
For making him good
You made him live

He cried to you
like the poor wretch there
There by the priest
He knew only you
Dead and Risen

You died and rose
You are the root
You are our fount
The one who died
The one who rose

Raise our cups
In Christ, you
For you alone
Are our redemption
And our perfection
Your glory


Of Joy And Tears

January 20, 2015

Lonely winds
Blow the fires to embers

As we dance a circle ‘round ashes
Under the dark sky’s rafters

Ghostly winds
Fill our minds

Our yearning souls
With smoldering rhymes

Much too long
Have we been here

In this perfect place
Of joy and tears.