Could I

November 11, 2014


Wish I could
Chase curving shadows
Long long trails of feather-downed curves
Lightly traced and softly laced

But no.

They are gone,
Tiny caresses, dreamy messes
Of light and dust
Of lust

And so.

I’ll linger on an edge
Occam would be disappointed
For I’ll not fall
To either side of this wall

Though the desert sun
The lusty sun
Drives me down
Into teary drives of touch and

And so.

Lingering outside
Lurking not quite within
I deal with sin
Weakly, halfheartedly

But no.

It is worthless
But will not bite less

Leave me alone
But let me alone
Stop touching me
Come breathe on me

And so.

I cannot say no.
But the answer is no.
God help me
I see so far below.