The Lifted Veil

September 30, 2013

I have prayed in my sleep
These countless miles.

And I have found I cannot stop.
Cannot find the words not to say.

I have chased this thing all along
That I knew I could not escape.

O lift me above this tiny sphere.
This place I know too well.

Give my soul its immersion.

Rain down this peace
That I have only scented.

And take my hand.
For I am blind, walking these streets.

And I cannot hear your voice
For all the mindless words circling me

And your touch will clear this mist.

Bring to me images
Of these elemental things.

Your gifts, your paths, not mine.

This is not mine to do.
This walking, this leaping, flying.

But your filling, your calling, your touch.

And let them flow from here,
Let me not lose the words to say.


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