Salvation Has Come

September 9, 2013

The night is far gone,
those moments that filled our hours,
faded, our drunken waste that bound our feet.

We must wake, wake, the herald has cried,
flee, fire, foes!      Salvation has come.
It is near, near, within our souls

No twilight ‘ere the morn
has beset us in riddles and fear.
No, we have seen the sun rise o’er the hills.

The day is at hand,
this time ne’er to fade again,
tho a battle crests and falls round us.

There shall be no return,
so we gird our flesh and bones
in this armor of adamant light.

And heralds we become as well
flee, fire, foes!      Salvation has come.
We turn from the curse

and revel in the day,
free, free from death’s bonds.
We wait our Master’s pleasure.

Men, seek no taste of our foul days.
Salvation is nearer now to us
than at its first bright peals.


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