September 2, 2013

These random melodies spring
into my mind repeating
stirring some memory
often dark, murky, slowly
binding me

how I wish
you could hear
even a hint
of these and this
this room
in which I’ve
been bound
here I can hear
and in you no sound

so alone within
this are clouds
and fears
things that are me
no wonder I’ve no tears
you would not see
their lonely birthplace
look in these eyes
upon this haggard face
what I have been

you still visit
this room despite
all you’ve never seen
the loneliness
sometimes fades enough
that I forget
your touch, caress removes
this ancient regret
and I can walk upright

when you hold my hand
for seasons upon seasons
you have helped me stand
remember all of this
when this is done
when the next winter comes
for it will
return and again
come these words
unhealing wounds
new, fresh hurts

but it is not you
but me in here
and it is not you
to blame, no fear
you have brought nothing
but respite, comfort
I breathless await
my returning
this music reminds me
of fires burning


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