Things Are Different

August 31, 2013

Things here are different
Muted, yet sharp

Perhaps as if
In an empty house

With a head cold
Echoed yet muffled sound

And slivers of reality
Like the song

Of gulls on the pier
Sharpen for a moment

My vision
Keeping me tied

To here
Much as the birds’ sound

Seems to keep
The ships afloat

In their scupping water
And virile lines

And tiny fragments
Of you

Focus me
In the memory

Of your voice
Or the fleeting

Touch of you
You return to me

On flickering wings
Of memory

Something real
Something like believing

Worth years of this
Even tears of joy

All too much to believe
And yet

Believe I must
For you

Are puissant
Upon my soul

Beyond this sheaf
Of dark songs

And all the clouds
Smoke and mirrors

There are none
Between us

Fair One
For you are

The gulls’ song
The echo

In the room
Everything within

This mind
Of you

Is you


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