Signing Off

August 25, 2013

So to this I have come
And all has been said

Having committed my heart
With my words

I love you
I love you

My final signing off

And you,
pressing close to me

Sharing this pain
Your own, alone

Even this timelessness
Itself comes between us

And you will be left
And I will be let

Alone with the works
Alone with the words
Alone with nothing


Break none of these
Sacred seals

Turn to the door
Sign off this one last time

To each
Own pain

These words fail
Words striding columns

That support walls
Through which we walked once

And still see into
And they yet remain

Our guardians
Keeping us from

Do you dream of me
As I write of you

In farewell
I know I will

See you
A thousand thousand times more

No distance
Lending truth

To this finality
Nothing is gone

but your touch
Nothing has changed

Ever will
Signing off


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