No Sacred Rest

August 10, 2013

Course the horizon
Dust in our memory

The setting sun
Shall burn through our rough robes

We speed in the wake
Of distance
The sand plumes

The whipping grass
A white sound
Whipping at our fleeing figures

We fly, we soar
Wind is nothing
We created it

We become it
It howls in rage
As we Burst through this trail

On our quickened souls
To nowhere
To everywhere

We see no water
No sacred rest

It is the pounding
The sifting dream
Of desert in our ride

The dunes
The ridge

We pass them all
For this is the ride
The ride of lifetimes

You’ve seen it
You’ve seen us pass
Did you join us

In our flight
Our passion
Our departure

We sailed upon the seas of sand
We savored the hard sweat
The span of the world

We touched the horizon
We touched the depths of the depths
And we seek them again

Ride with us
Ride beside
This caravan fleet

This fiery wake
Of dust



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