When The Ship Lifts

August 8, 2013

Can’t seem to wrap my mind
round those final feet
round this my inevitable
with all my desire
I cannot bring me to care
they have not boarded me
though one could not tell
from the weariness in here

I have in my eye
this thing I cannot see
this weakness, tiredness
that is relentless

and I stumble
with the pitch and yaw at the pier
I mumble
I forgot the dreams, I fear
Maybe forgot these memories

I’ve banged my head
against this wall
strained for this
for all these thousand breaths
and it will not shift
perhaps I will not shift

I call out to myself
aloud, to my followers
of weakness, tiredness
my mind relentless

still, I stumble
The waves gently cursing my course
I mumble
Fix me
lift my countenance
to meet yours

drift this transom
to face the setting sun
abandon this strait
to meander free
unfetter me,

lift anchor
all bills are not paid
set me loose

Am I still talking
out loud?
took seven days
to finish just one
too long, too long
these words, these breaths
shift my colors
I’m tired, tired.


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