For Us The Living

June 6, 2013

I am alive!
Oh I love you.  I love you.  I am alive.

Let us walk the sides of this endless mountain. 
Let us lose our balance at the summit and tumble into the powdered snow.

Let us flee the setting sun into visions of the dawn, of waking
In this, this poetry of bright forever,

I would wear a thousand quills to dust in words of you. 

Let me bring you to my place, that of sky blue and forest green. 
Let us walk arm in arm down the long hills.
We shall savor the sunset, chase shadows among the stars. 
We shall chase these children as they fly with the wind. 

Let us live. 
We must live.
I adore you. 

You are mine and you have saved me. 
I see no shadow alone, but with you, o my own. 
We see the shades together, and we are each other’s.

I love these things,
these whispers that you and I share.

We have our paper screams, our own world’s attention. 
We have our touch.
We.  You, me. 

Desire me as I desire you. 
Touch me in return. 
Bring about my sweet demise in your dark eyes.

You.  I dream of. 
I dreamed you. 
I wrote of you. 
I ran to you.
And you are here. 

I am so, right now. 
Keep me. 
Preserve me. 

I last not long, for but a flame am I,
a matchstick with but moments of vitality. 
Ere I fall to ash,
lift me to your lips and taste me. 

Burn with me. 
Lift this breath together with me. 
In arms. 
In vision. 
In souls.
Shake this mortal cinder. 

Chase me among the canyons. 
Seek my voice. 
Find me in the shadows. 
Find me in the crystal clear pools. 
Find me in the mirror of the night. 

Take me.
Let this flight be our last. 
Let it last forever. 
Let our breath never die,
our gaze never fade,
our love never falter.
Come with me.


Originally posted March 29, 2008