Shawl (Hide You)

January 12, 2011

I have dreamt
To surround you with wisps of shadows
For I cannot cure them with my own
Tender breath upon your shoulder

And for fear of touching your pain,
Gentle fingertips upon your hair again
Let me take your tears upon my face

Wrap as translucent silk my arms about you
Simple light against your dark lace
Without the intense
Crush that burns and freezes the breath
Just presence

The hurt won’t fade, I know
Nothing that I can do, I know

But may I plumb the depths uncruel
To share the shades of you
That seem to come out in these years
With whispers that none of us can hear

I would hear this
This long story from long ago
With your lips to my cheek speak slow
In that tiny voice you possess

Simply be
Render this to nothing
In the motes of dust
That enchant the morning sunlight

Let me be your waking
Your wishing all this was not hurting
Let me miss the whole point
And it fly to oblivion

Just some little dream now
Surrounded by hands and arms
Motionless, courting solace now
Holding together you and your dark

Your shawl
To hide your face
Your silent call
Just that place
That stands still

Just in case
I will