May 28, 2010

And the dancer spins
The time is passing

Soon there will be nothing
His arms flow lithe

He springs into the air
And though the time is no longer there
He moves slower than falling snow

For a long, drawn moment
His wavering shadow lingers
He dances on despite time’s fingers

Then it is gone.


We Are One

May 25, 2010

The room has stopped

We have again
our breath

And the silence
Of a cathedral

Humbling, resounding
Fills our souls

We weep, soundless
we two

Weeping in sweet

Glory you made
in us
For You

And the silence
Of this cathedral

Humbling, calling
Fills our souls

For a moment

Just as mystics
should be

Silenced in your raiment
Wrapped in your gift

As our tears

Slip down together
To join
Into one

Our joy

Our passion

Thank you


May 20, 2010

a kiss today
for I leave on the morrow
a kiss then too
for my memory to follow
but will you miss me so
tomorrow, as you do
not want me gone today
I do not care
what I want
I do not care
that you are not
anywhere near me
I would so rather
watch the scars leave me
in the sun’s clear lather
so go away
if you must
and stay away
if you deem it just
for I can remain
just as you know
the very same
as when you left me below