Desert Caress

February 2, 2008

This poem is classified DRUNEO for Don’t Read Unless Not Easily Offended.

I’ll not hold my pictures from publication, but feel there should be at least a forewarning.

My imagery is love, of intimacy, which is far too distant in my place here.  I miss my darling, and I’ve conjured her up before me in words.

Desert Caress is a sort of revealing from In The Sand Again as well as In the Sand, which I wrote LONG ago.

Entangling limbs
Entrap me
Spinning wind devils

In the sun’s brilliant heat
Gasping for strength
To sustain this straining
Alone in sparks hear songs never sung
But dream of screaming them
As you envelope me.

I saw you singing
O, your voice in passion
Whispers so very grand
Mine in yours in this heat
And the beat of your pulse against mine
Feverish, vicious, craving
What more but grasping clutches

With your perfect soft tone
I saw you dreaming
Lifting your body up
Mine to wake
With caress, soft collisions
Of silk and water
Your skin of starlight
Your chanted desire

And then you looked
Captured my eyes
In this stilled motion
Thrusting frozen in agony
What desert is this
That I find such sun-blasted mirage
Free my soul o’ vision intangible

And I could not linger
Outside you for this
Ribbon of desire
Rushing along your curve
A trail of rain and fire

O this is dreaming
Your touch in my hand
Softness and searing
Filmy slips
That make you tremble so

Say that again
When I do this
And O, your crush
In the scent of you
My lungs burn
And you send my shivers
My skin so taut
And your mind aglow

I see fire circles
Across your brow
Cry out again
O, deluge upon my soul
For my inside is you
And within cannot swell
Against your crush

Against me
Force the life from me
In this crimson blindness

I taste you
You have rendered me
Let me ravage you
O, silken fissure
Tresses curling with dew

Drop your hands
Crush me
Into you

O, I taste bittersweet
And lashing my lips
Tongue in folds of dreams
Droplets of the sea
Merging with me

The rising of you
Between your limbs
Below your swell

What more to cry out
But you are too much
And I will press this
On with driven madness

For I have lost me
In you


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