February 14, 2008

You do not move

With the flood
Or storm
Your kisses burn
With fire
When I hold you
I am alive
Your closeness
Makes me real

You see so well
In your mind
And your heart
Your spirit is strength
When I cannot see you
You are still near

In the wind
The fire
My breath
My soul


Desert Caress

February 2, 2008

This poem is classified DRUNEO for Don’t Read Unless Not Easily Offended.

I’ll not hold my pictures from publication, but feel there should be at least a forewarning.

My imagery is love, of intimacy, which is far too distant in my place here.  I miss my darling, and I’ve conjured her up before me in words.

Desert Caress is a sort of revealing from In The Sand Again as well as In the Sand, which I wrote LONG ago.

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