Something Living

June 22, 2007

Don’t leave me

Let me hear you
Let me know

Come to see me
Or bring me in

As much as knowing

Please, too,


Lingering real

Something living
Come back

After years long gone
Back from that

Devastating sunset
So far away

I’m not there
I wish I was


June 21, 2007

You’ve a river of things
flowing through you
from you into you

Shadow and light
swirled so
and no way to know

where dark begins
and ends the glow
Forget me not

Though my ears be deaf
For my seas
are upon your horizon

near as a heartbeat
a ship seeking safe haven
that never saw your port

Your echoes may return
from living stone walls

and my arches lift high
the vaults that will remain

for the sound continues
after it’s come back
and I’ll be around

when you get around
and your voice
is unlocked

In this many years
much is unspoken
you mayn’t think you know me

but time is not wastin’
for I’ll be around

when you get around
And maybe I’ll get around

Bless you
Wipe your tears
on me

and I’ll wish you well.