November 17, 2006

Life Virtually invincible.
Laced with vulnerable cries.
Vibrance Never quite the same.
Alive with shadow and whispers.

Radiates All the colors.
Bright above sight.
Sometimes See through.
Beckoning from behind shadows.

Before, after, In many places at once.
Far from sight, not memory.
Stumbled upon Finite beginning.
Dreamy accidents in the palm of a hand.

Hidden, veiled, In mist the finale is found.
Out of darkness at dawn.
Towering, ominous, Lifted in stone.
Strength overlooked.

Sacred, Emerges from memory.
As a monolith ever-present, beloved.
Throughout Breathes life along.
Silent provocation to truth.

Unfathomable, ever Deepest at its end.
Not known, felt.
Unmistakable Rush of force.
Unavoidable, irresistible.

Known course of Uncontrolled flight.
An appearance of meaning least sought.
Sought for the vigorous Peace in sound.
Desired beyond measure, measured in moments.


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