What Was Done

May 27, 2005

trying to show you

a pearly gate to

a golden road of

flames and long lost love

poverty and fear

follow as fawn deer

and you will not see

what you have done to me

for my love is not

with you, evil rot

it is far away

in a glorious day

and I swear it will

ever be mine until

I have gone to gates

of pearl and good fates

and I swear to you

in your mindless soul

even if you have

but the wish for that

you shall taste my flames

and be thereby tamed

to bow in my wake

thus to those who hate

and when you are near

bits of the world here

are shattered and burnt

as chained souls you hurt

I’ve lost my own heart

I’ve lost my first start

to you went my will

and now you will eat still

forever what was done

but I swear it will

be returned in chill

blade swaths that bite you

and remind to you

forever what was done


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