The Ladymoon’s Shadow

May 27, 2005

From the shadow of the silver moon stepped a starlit spirit.  She danced a dance to a starlit tune.  The wind circled round to see what it was for which the music played, then joined in her dance for she was beautiful.  They both spun circles as the night flowers bloomed.  For a lifetime, it seemed, the two danced, the wind and the girl of the moon’s shadow.

They fell in love, and she was never lonely and he would ever have his dance.  They would kiss in the nights’ darkness and sleep close in the day, hidden from the sun’s fiery brands.  As the moon watched them dance every night under her glow, she saw the wind’s beauty and strength grow.

She wanted him to dance for her as he did the girl, and so took him in her arms on the dusk of midsummer.  But the shadowy girl wept as the wind was taken from her waking arms and, for a lifetime, it seemed she was alone.  She sang to herself, crying in the night and slept alone in the scorching daylight.

And the wind danced for the ladymoon, and she sang songs to warm him.  But wind pined for his love and the night.  The moon saw his heart and was filled with rage though she saw he would never be hers to keep.

“You may return, son of Air, but no longer shall you keep your gifts from your father.  If you shall not be mine, none may dance again.  You shall be a man, simple and small, just as she is a simple woman.”

And so, wind returned to the world as a man.

He awoke on the plain of the desert on the dawn of a gemdust day.  It grew hot as the sun rose higher into the dome of the sky.  He was not unhappy, though, for soon he would be with his love in this earthen world.  So he made his way to their home of old in the hills on the horizon.

As the trees of the hills folded back before his hand, he caught his breath and the last echo of the wind he’d been was faded.  He forgot even his own name at the sight of the sleeping girl.

A silvery curve of her silhouette shone in the shadow of the glade and morning dewdrops still glistened in her hair.  She slept and he could not, even in this purest of joys, come to disturb her.  He instead lay down beside her and closed her in his arms and slept as well.

The girl awoke in the arms of a man she knew not.  Yet she was not frightened, for he smelled of the eastern wind which had blown sleep to her the last night.  When she turned and saw his face, she was startled, for she could recognize him in his face, the softness of his breath.  She cried softly to the fading daylight in thanks to the sun for his gift.

The man who had been wind had a father who was Air, and air saw the two and felt her love in his own heart and felt is son’s love in the fire of his now human soul.  And Air saw the cruelty of the ladymoon.  He woke his son at the edge of the dusk and presented him his love, awake and more beautiful than the moon herself.

“She has taken the magic which was your spirit, my son.  So I shall bless you instead.  I have seen the love you share and it warms me after so long watching your sadness without each other.

“Magic Song shall I rename my son.  You shall be the envy of the moon with your dance and voice and spells.

“And Beloved shall be your name, new daughter, for it means beloved as you are mine and my son’s.

“May your dance reach stars and cross the mountains.  May you never want, for the love you have shared is the heart of the world.  Every moment shall I watch over you and the lands you shall course in your dance.  Fear no creature, nor the ladymoon herself, for you are my blood and none have withstood my wrath, nor, even, my love.”


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