The Black Knight

May 27, 2005

He rode fierce as the fiery gale

That in his wake blew a cruel and biting wail

Through desert and marsh, through forest and plain

The rider needed no rest, felt no pain

But to peer close past the cold hard eyes

Was to see pain to cause even death to cry

His steed was of a flawless white

Having wisdom and swiftness to make true might

His sword was of light to cause eyes to reel

Crafted of ancient silver and fine steel

His cloak enveloped the vast fading day

And shone with night’s dark, the moon’s soft ray

Vicious foes suddenly sought him

In ruins decaying and shadows dim

He knew his role and to devils he charged toward

Reaching for the familiar hilt of his sword

Light, pure as a gem, swung and slashed with ice

As white kicked and thrashed, knowing death’s price.

Crimson stained the dark and foes froze

For a rending cry shredded the night’s cold glow

Turning from pain to anger, steel’s flight sped

Instilling fear as from fear the cry fled

His blade was of long tried deadly biting steel

That, with the wound, now of its own seemed to wield

Death fell as rain to the cold stone

Such was the passing of hours without even song

Each time would the warrior cleanse his soiled blade

Then stride to his mount without a word said

In his wake there remained the icy chill

As his still warm foes lay deathly still

Unending nights questioning why

Why this quest and when would there be time to die?

Hours and days and nights too soon became years

Filled with racing and wounds, laced with tears

Cursed to cruelly kill his foe by right

The dark warrior was forced to kneel to his plight

At last the final day had come

“your cruel test of worth, my child, is now full done.”

The father wept and raised his arms high

With them the glittering crown toward the sky

A multitude cried out to their newborn king

The knights pledged life, bards drew harps to sing

Upon golden stone did darkest stone test

And upon the darkness did gold circlet rest

Years passed by and the darkness weakened

Sparkling metal to dullness gave way

A life must be renewed, a power retaken

Or death of another chill would come to play

Cold stone withered and metal shivered

Old power waned as its sword dulled and grayed

Where was the land, fresh in the morn?

Combat’s heady surge, bringing strength reborn

Life he’d lost to gain the circlet

When in his strong hands he’d held the gauntlet

Up darkness rose, crying aloud

He ran from the stone through a great, fearful crowd

He escaped the pain of death’s cold shroud

Catching up his ancient blade as courtiers howled

Through the great old hall and courtyard he passed

Finding old strength, each step ever more fast

At the gate, the long drawn seconds he counted

In the new black night that stars surrounded

To the grey cliffs he furiously spurred

Not a sound but the thundering courser was heard

The dark mist lay on the ground deep and thick

And time itself stood still through some strange trick

The dark lord flew onward, racing wind

Until the woods’ growth began to thin

Finally, at the cliffs’ edge he stood

And threw off his heavy cloak and hood

From his great and fierce brow he slowly drew

The proud golden crown he so well knew

From ancient caverns had it been hewn

And back to those vast depths it flew

A cry of freedom rose from his tongue

Until through the realm and far lands beyond ‘twas sung

Pointing his great steed to places known last

The ancient familiar course of times past

The dark knight of ages long before

Was at last great dark knight once more

The taste of sweat, the wind and of blood

The smell of smoke were so well known in battle’s flood

Through desert and marshes, through forest and plains,

Forgotten radiance shone, shimmering as rain

Wind coursed his racing wake through

Catching up the cry it too knew

Yet this knight no longer knew sorrow

As he rode swiftly by honored barrow

Never this time, he vowed

To mourn the great mission he once more owed

Never for the gift again bestowed

To ride the realms, to taste the wind

To feel the rain and to live, to live…again


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