Golden Skies

May 27, 2005

Where are you when I sing out the words

Of my life and my endless sorrows?

Have you said with every song you’ve heard

That my own presence within you grows?

The pain of life and the joy of death,

All too vivid when I taste your breath,

Are the soul of us when our mouths touch

In the darkness we both love so much.

There is a shadow with its own name

Not born from any life-breathing flame

And it is seeking to join our form

It is love and it brings a spring storm.

The storm washes away our pale fears

Of death and life, their fountains of tears.

And with every song we both may sing

Our hearts will mingle with a pure ring. 

I am here and I hear your cries

And you are with me and my dreams.

We fill each other with golden skies

That shine after the cleansing spring.


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