May 27, 2005

The musty undergrowth whips at my face as I bust through its barrier.  Almost voluntarily, the verdant brush parts before me and I am airborne, free of the forest, leaving its dark magnificence as I search for new sights.  My heart increases its timekeeping beat as my wings lift me on their golden tresses of feathers.  Small shrubs flash past as I skim the ground mere feet above its grassy covering.  Suddenly, the earth drops away and I soar over a man far below.  He raises his arms and stands, head high at the edge of a great chasm, crying aloud to the creator of this realm.  Now I feel the winds at my breast as I course over the tips of mountains.  Veering, I see in the distance the vast expanses of the forests.  The rush of the biting gales fears my presence, for in my flight I am strong, STRONG!  The symphony of my senses threatens to rend my soul with its puissance.  Through ancient canyons I speed with strength such as no creature has ever possessed. I plummet through the great stone gorges in which no human has ever set foot.  I see what gods alone have seen; miles upon miles of ancient forests, towering raw peaks, immense canyons.  The sky touches each with its flawless light as if to announce my presence, saying, “Here is one to behold your glory!” Past rivers of depths unmeasured I soar, sunlight gleaming from the very soul of the waters.  This is why I fly.  I exist only to reel in the vast earth’s radiant beauty.  And higher and further I cry n search of more lands, more life.


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