Elusive Skies

May 27, 2005

so the sun rises

and light brings fear

and she covers her head

to hide the tears

they call it higher learning

but what is its teaching

save loneliness and waste

when she cannot fight the yearning

and finds no rest from reaching

to find warmth – even a mere taste

I know that she loves the night

for its darkness is in her words

but I can barely see the stars

and I fear even that love grows fainter chords

of light

which is faded

like the morning sun

on a rain-filled day

and he seeks the light

not seeing the nearest darken close by

but seeks images and words

to chase an elusive, distant sky

and here sits another, more tangible

a light that brightens with every moment

but still with fear, with lust, dreams

in vivid color from outside the hiding-covers

watching, wishing, sending archaic promises

promises that should have been already and still

kept by the elusive, distant sky


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