May 27, 2005

What is your name? 

I cannot say,

but how I cry it aloud my every waking moment.

I dream of but a shadow,

a misty form,

obscure in a dim light.

I cannot reach you

for only the thought of you is tangible.

There is no face,

no eyes,

no body to envision. 

Even your voice is merely an echoing of mystic tones in the half-light of my mind. 

If not for these echoes,

these tones,

I would despair of ever finding you in this empty place I so often visit.

Come and share with me the gem of this life. 

Help me to find my own in you. 

Bring to me a reason for a smile

in a world of missing love and so full of pain.

Take away my shadows and mist and echoes. 

Replace them so I will at last be whole.


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