May 27, 2005

I hear a sad note

On an old piano

It plays upon my soul

As the musician the keys

My heart is hollow

As the empty room here

And echoes the music

As if a mystic cavern

The resonance weaves around me

Entrancing me, binding me

I am dumb, blind, deaf

Deaf and blind to all but the notes

The notes that slowly kill me

There are no tears

My heart is not here

It is with another, far away

Amazing how I can still

Feel the baleful pain

Even in my heart’s absence

I plead with my fingers

To abandon the ivory

But they will not

They feed my mind the ache

That is enticing and revolting

I can feel my heart beating

From a million miles away

I can see your face

From a lifetime’s narrow bridges

About to disintegrate.


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