Breath Of Ashes

May 27, 2005

when we sit in the starlight

singing over and over

how much I love you

how much you love me

there is just us and the starlight

me in your arms’ shelter

and my lips beside yours

softly singing

when will this world

spin round just for lovers

when can we laugh

for every song you sing to me

and nothing else matters to me

my love is always yours

beloved, I know

we’ve both been crying

I feel the ache in my soul

do we fear we’ll lose

this laughter in us

which has always kept us whole

but there’s always been a painful knife

in the breast of every passion

and the best of loves has never made it

without that breath of ashes

so until the world

spins round just for lovers

until we both can laugh

I’ll write you a song to sing to me

and nothing else will matter when we

have the love that is mine and yours


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