Are We Still Breathing

May 27, 2005

Can you no longer feel

That ache of need

Is there no place in these arms

Where simple breath will suffice

Where what passes for gentle brushes

Passes upon your hair

Has that caress passed on

Beyond all but poetic discovery

Lost in words, lost to touch

All by fear, or by the barrage

Of all too familiar pain, reflex

That will never again permit the hours

The hours that may once have been

Where no passage existed

Save the staring into nothing

Surrounded by everything

The arms, the fingers, the body

Encased in soft, lingering breath

Only hope, only belief

Could allow this comfort

Have these two sacred passions

Been extinguished in here

There is no distance here

So why is this so distant

It is not, has never been

Some exotic sharing of souls

But mere sharing of space

Sharing of time, of breath

Silent and complete in itself

But now faded

Are we still breathing

Is this distance a chasm

Or merely a forgotten route

Missing some landmark

I do not ask for tears

But proximity.  Rest.  Assurance


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