A Lesson

May 27, 2005

Heartling, why are you weeping?
Am I not enough, the promise of my love?
This love which you know well I cannot break?
Ah, you are not worthy of such words.
Damn, for I am not worthy of you.
You who I need more than the air that lends
its breath to my cracked voice.
Please, let us be here for eternity.
We must halt this time in its tracks
that we may be like this forever,
together in these tears and each others’ arms.
Never mid this frost laced wind,
nor its cursed sisters, these raindrops.
The night will hide us in our weakness.
Forgive me, for I screamed your name.
I could not understand the words
that passed from your sweet lips.
Words of sadness and despair,
words I could not imagine were in you,
In this heart I thought I knew so well.
Forgive me, and take my hand.
I know you now
better than I could have wished.
And it aches in me that there is still wrong.
We cannot be together again.
So, once more, we must stop this hour
for a time, that I may forget all things
but the short, blessed presence of you.


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