Realm Of Coal

April 3, 2005

We have a thousand years

So wait until you’ve become strong

I’ll still stand in a thousand eons

Just as the stars have

And will for as long.

You may walk tall as the clouds

When you return to me

Or crawl on scraped knees and palms

Just return whole

And unharmed back to me.

I have followed your tracks

Through those deserts and long canyons

And the trails you’ve made

From your long pacing

Through these long eons.

Should a thousand years stand between us

Or a great millennium of clouds

I shall always remain

In these dark tunics

And in my dark shrouds

For I have forsaken my eyes

And lost the gemstones in my soul

And can only regain this treasure

If that treasure be you

Lighting the darkness

Of this realm of coal.


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