Lord Prince

April 3, 2005

the dark ones would come

on the light

of summers’ moon

their questions the same

as each moonlit night

in the stars’ bright loom

“who is lord

o’er you fields?”

They would ask me

my answer the same

as all moonlit nights

in the star’s bright loom

but this time

out poured cries from the fields

o’erpowering me

“this time not the same

for you shone in night

brighter than stars’ looms

faith have I pledged

to you, my lord prince

my sword, my life.”

And my lands cry out

in their summer moons

with the strength

that is my own

“you are wisdom

and powerful might

worth proven to us all

a thousand times over

lord prince, our faith

on one knee we vow

fealty to a master

who brought us hope.”

The dark ones come

no longer

to the shire

to find our answers

to questions

for they are

forever stone written

upon my throne.


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