Beyond Runewake

April 3, 2005

Did your head rise up

as I stumbled on the stone,

only one of thousands

that had laid bare my sole.

Ah, you, old face

that I nearly passed by,

hidden by the sun in my eyes,

wind whipping my uncaring hair

between me and something I sought.

Were you in this place

so long, then, to have melted

your visage into the land

that seemed so unchanging for so long.

But no?

you were merely ahead

of my path for awhile?

And chose to wait again

for me to come along.

And you have seen the stones

on which I’ve lost my breath.


do not fall in behind me,

a dusty shadow again. 

Come along beside me

for a time.

May something come upon us,

renew this course,

this feeble wandering.

Not that I’ve much

to tell that you have not witnessed,

nor you to tell me,

But to evade the circling

we have so deftly made of our lives.

For but a sweet time

let us consider,

not this loss, nor that track.

Dust and smoke, all weariness aside

forgotten back there

where surely our path

will return.

Let us not pursue but be.

Circle close my own shadow,

perhaps, that you are,

or I yours,

And become something more,

only fleetingly,

a feather fall in the well.

Beyond, for a moment,

we can pretend has become

our eternity.

Beyond Runewake

and the Rings

the Cry behind the dunes,

the solitary Dance in a canyon

neither of us has ever seen. 

Making the Touching ethereal,

tangible touching.

Making, always with you,

always with me

a memory.

To write a song.


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