April 3, 2005

I awaken each morning and each morning is the same.

The first thing I see when the fog of sleep clears itself from my mind is your face.

It matters not that you are a world away.

You are captured in my heart, to be with me always.

Love has never known distances.

Yes, it hurts to be so far apart, but the image of you soothes me, comforts me, saying never to forget.

For someday we shall come together again.

Nothing can keep apart two creatures who have shared what we have.

We gave our hearts to each other.

With strands so fine and strong they could never be found, nor broken, we bound ouselves together with love.

I look forward to the someday when the first thing I see with my eyes, too, is you.


A Gift

April 3, 2005

Open flew the great doors

Her face was torn by tears

she fled, stumbling toward the shores

The sea foamed as if her cry it could hear.

Onward my love raced

Blind to her flight’s leading

She coursed here to a hidden place

where she hoped for solace in her grieving.

Far back, I called her name

and she paused as if to catch the sound

and she turned with her eyes, though no sound came.

As I neared, the wind swirled

She closed her eyes and offered her hands

Here was my purpose in this ice world

I held my love and we sat by the sands.

Calling Out

April 3, 2005

I hear you calling out

When I sleep in the night

And the voices of each of you

Bring tears to my eyes

Oh, fair ones, my children

Hear me when I say

My beloved, my wife

I will be home one day

For the misty waters

The gulls in the blue sky

Have held my heart too long

How I wish I could fly

Can you hear me calling out

In the cool distant night

Under the moon and stars

My children, my wife.