We Could Live Then

February 17, 2005

There was a time

Long ago before these rhymes

When we could dance

To the music of the chimes.

We could smile then

And we did, when we numbered only ten.

The sun was kind to us

Never did we fall into darkness’ den.

They are gone now, in a hush,

Those days have left us,

And now we are but hollow husks.

And the sun is dry, its light crushes us.

We smile when pain must be belied.

Our horses, from a long way off have shied

For we must go out today, our swords again must ride.

Who could have known our dreams would be so tied.

But I swore to my love in this rain,

I would make those days again.

“I swear, light of my soul,

Once more shall we number ten

And I shall be with you then.

I swear it is true

The heartless ones who keep me from you

Will cry out after the blade I drew.”


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