February 17, 2005

“Close your eyes.”

Her voice was soothing

The young one was too tired to see the strain in her tone, or the hazy dampness of her eyes. 

Not that he would have understood.

He snuggled close, and she held him in her arms for a moment. 

She quickly pressed her lips to the downy, fair head and was gone. 

He did not even notice—asleep in an instant.

She suddenly felt the years creeping up her spine. 

How she wished she could stay and hold her child through the night. 

Draw strength from warm innocence.

But she could not. 

She would allow herself no comfort this night. 

The one from whom she had received her strength and comfort was gone, spirited away from her by the wind and fire and death.

She could not even weep. 

Her heart had gone with the fire, the wind. 

With him.


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