February 16, 2005

Beloved, my life’s blood,

You are the heart keeping my pulse strong.

In your eyes, emotions are a mindless flood.

My wish is to be beside you, to belong.

But you’ve your life,

And you’ve your love.

When I say I love you,

You will always be

So much more than life to me.

To be in my world is all you need be

For me to continue in this place so vast.

The tone of your voice gives power to me,

My wish is to be beside you to the last.

But you’ve your own life,

You’ve your own love,

So I must take joy

In dreaming from afar

Which can almost hold back the scars.

And I say, if ever you miss

The days of long aglow,

If you’ve a longing for a kiss

Finally saying just what a kiss should show,

Then all you must do is look to my eyes

And pierce my waiting soul.

And I shall take you away into fairer skies.

Have no doubt, I will know.


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