Touching Tongues

February 16, 2005

Raging through us

In surges of light

Power flushes us

In red and white

Fingers splayed wide

Singing where lips cannot

Flesh burning bright

Praying it ends not

Eyes closed, then not

Touching tongues

In darkness of day

Seas’ surging sung

On each golden sunray

Touching tongues

With soulless abandon

Have we no lungs

If yes, can we stand them

Pirouette above the stars

Which burn with no flame

Have we no homes

To return to in shame

Or is this heaven sent

To be our last cry

And when our souls are spent

Will we sit and wait to die

For what is more than this

Screaming in silence of song

A single, wind-touching kiss

Deep as the sky is long

How can two mortals be this strong

Touching tongues

With this abandon

Climbing the rungs

To the peak to stand on

Pirouetting above the stars

Above all that flames

For it is all ours

And none may chant shame

In touching tongues


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