February 16, 2005

Cresting the hill, we saw it.  The sun leapt out to greet us in brilliance of morning.  And with it leapt the man.  He flew from the brush with a cry.  A roar of such beauty and strength – when had we heard such music from the mouth of a man in this place?  The sun shone in an echo of his life and he began his dance.  When had we ever seen such as this?  Free reign over the land, he was awe incarnate.  He was a lord, one of the sun’s facets of fire, lord of the skies’ blue and the earth’s warmth.  We were driven by our humbled souls to join him, yet rooted by the perfect strength in his oneness.  We found ourselves crying aloud, and the sound…Ah, the sound.  It was pure as that of a towering fall of water.  It was spring, it was summer.  Seasons passed us by in the flash of a bird’s flight.  Ages passed as we raced to join the life-lord in his worship.  Together we made circles and raised the towers.  All became quick as the morning sun and soon we too were masters.  Power and fire coursed our bones through as rivers.  Stars, moons, elements, spirits, all were our realm now.  And we roared again.

“Immortal, Immortal! And never again weep or crumble to our knees!” and never would we return from this light.


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