Forget The Flowers

February 17, 2005

I can make you cry out loud

In fear of what is to come

In the promise of a life

That is, for once, worth living

Together in one life’s shout

We can find colors undone

And light anew in this knife

Of an existence we sing

We can run abreast the tower

Of a lonely king, chasing

A thousand low-flying stars

To seas never before seen

Aye would you forget the flowers

To see the colors I’ll bring

On the wind from worlds afar

To this wasteland where we’ve been.



February 17, 2005

Your image surpasses all description. 

You are beautiful beyond belief. 

Not mere physical expression,

you possess an aura,

a glow that immortalizes you in my mind.

You say nothing when I dream of you

your silence is a greater music to my senses than that of all nature

I cannot touch you in my dreams,

yet in my dreams your image radiates your soul’s warmth to the very corners of the earth.

You are the essence of creation.

You are more beautiful than all man’s dreams

You are perfect beyond all other things which have tread my memory

Her Shadow

February 17, 2005

I can’t remember

when last I saw her smile

and I can’t remember when last I could stand them

smiling all around her

for when she is in this darkness

the light they make lengthens her shadow

to overcast my own eyes

and so long has the shadow been here

too long…

And damn the ones who stand

around her laughing and singing their songs

they do not see her, her darkness.

They do not know she is there

but I know where she is

she is in my heart

and the shadows in my heart

are reflections of her own shadows…

And damn those who keep me from her