January 30, 2005

Your beauty gives life reason to remain with me.

to be with you every moment is more than one could ever dream and yet it is so.

To look into your eyes brings strength to my existence.  Never could I imagine being without their puissant flame.  For you to turn your beautiful countenance toward me is to strike me with t force such that I am held tighter than any chain.  As though I could ever wish to, I can never break free of you entrancing gaze.

The touch of your fingers is a burning elixir coursing through my veins, winding itself about my heart and holding my tongue still.  I am flying higher than any creature could deem possible.  I am helpless in your touch, the presence of your beauty, yet I am never so free as now, free, as if in a dream.

I cry out, “gods, how is this so, that I should have this one for my own?  Hardly am I worthy of such a treasure.”

But they answer not, for I have known the answer since the beginning.

You have made me what I am.  My life would sooner be dust in an empty wilderness without the one single force that keeps its mold.


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