Will She Be Molly

January 30, 2005

will you come home to me
after all these storms
or should I just fly free
I have been waiting so long

do you know what its like
to live in this constant fear
that the forevering light
we swore just ended tonight

and all the songs of bitterness
have suddenly come true
for all that I thought we’d been blessed
and the only tune familiar

is an oboe in an empty concert hall
that exists in my soul and hurts my ear
sounding a tear-filled note to the gods
who only wait for you to return here

please come home safe to me
from the invisible distance you call from
each time I see the tree
there are fewer branches to believe

but I still hear your whispers
on my way to the bedroom
in that water I have washed alone
watching ripples conjure a face not my own

and images of your hand reaching with a stone
reaching out from the distance to touch me.
Every silhouette has you stride
every shadow has your movement

I’ve lost count of the moments I wished I’d died
I know you cannot make these walls
you have set round you to fall
perhaps I will never see these wishes come

perhaps in the end I helped the wards
and have gone searching to escape your guards
is there never to be a song
that does not bring tears to me

will my heart ever be so strong
as to be unbroken when I hear the wind
to keep me from crying my eyes out
you promised me a kiss and I am here alone

I promised a shadow a kiss and so is the shadow alone
I have no fear of shadows
and if your kiss does not touch me I shall create alone
a new world where the light is from a broken tree

where shadows and songs will forever bring kisses to me
from no further than a handspan
and the only tears are from my soul’s memories
and joy that the hands touching me are not conjurings

and the silhouettes are no longer broken promisings.


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