January 30, 2005

Thundering drums,

flashes of cold steel

chargers thrashing and striking

all together in one great concert

shifting and breaking as the ancient tide

on the raging hums

there is no emotion to feel

endless days were spent in marching

to reach this shredded field of blood

where none could run and hide

yet wait, there is a glimmer of light

not of the same brutal hue

as the rest from which armor and blade hail

the shining is from an eye

in the skull of a dying lord, lying upon the stones

soon another glow shines bright

this time from a source that moves

another lord, clad in armor of mail

now yet another shine shimmers

and as it spreads skills sharpen, steel hones

for now is found the meaning of the glow

it is great and majestic, a giver of strength

it guides the hand, protects and quickens

knights stand tall, lords cry out

both the burn of new passion have felt

it is honor, it is glory, they know

that is wished for throughout this life’s length

without this elixir, blood slows and life is stricken

in all the terrors in the raging battle

there is victory, exalted victory that is still

by gods alone dealt.


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