The Hermit

January 5, 2005

I cried out
unto the dark
my minds’ doubt
on a cruel lark

then he came
out of the night
his face framed
his eyes’ pale light

his cane tapped
as he came close
his coat flapped
he seemed a ghost

he saw me
and my taut eyes
“pray,” asked he
“tell of your sighs”

with my own
question replied
his eyes shone
to smile he tried

“have I loved?
Oh yes, indeed
never snubbed
though, unlike thee

but gold ring
I gave to none
I did sing
for not a one

I loved wind
I loved the hills
I claimed kin
to the earth’s wills

love I chose
to give the earth
not to those
of human birth

they always
will love me true
for I’ll stay
in their skies’ blue

the morning
is my heart’s might
dark with fresh light.”

Then his hue
seemed to be dimmed
his face new
with eyes tear rimmed

“O, but such
that I would give
to once touch
love as you live.”


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