One Last Song

January 2, 2005

the rains’ icy stares have gone from us
we feel them no more upon our flesh
but there is still the dark, sleepy fog
in our mind that seeks the cold outside

for our love is parched
after all the miles we’ve marched
where is our love in this one
and all we’ve missed so long

a book of a thousand thousand words
finished in a thousand long minutes
threatens our sanity and the lack of our soul
is there freedom in death or just the joy of one last song

why is our love dead
is it something we’ve said
as the one to the divine
but we’ve cursed it, why should it mind

then tell us what in the stars is
what is there for such hope as so many see
we see only death and waste in our breathing
and only loneliness and walls from our others


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